Our Wedding Philosophy

After 25 years of photographing weddings, we do have some opinions on the subject! We understand that wedding photography is not only about posing and cameras but also being friendly, organized and dedicated to making your wedding day wonderful. To that end here are some of the reasons to choose MDP:

We always bring an assistant. It is their job to keep you comfortable; carry your train, fetch water when you're thirsty, help find people, etc., etc.

We only photograph one wedding per day. You have our undivided attention; we won't be in a hurry to duck out. This is especially important because stuff happens. The limo is late, you forget something at home, and we will always be flexible and cover what we said we would.

We use the highest quality equipment. MDP is constantly upgrading and investing in the best, and we are always improving ourselves through further education.

You have control over your album. You choose the style, the photos, what sizes you want and we'll take it from there to create a wedding storybook.

Our quality is guaranteed. From retouching to framing, if you're not happy with something, we'll fix it.

Our value is incomparable. You will find studios that charge more, some that charge less. What you have to decipher, is which is the best value for the money. Look at lots & lots of photos, get all the money questions answered up front, spend time with the photographer who will be doing the wedding, get referrals and then go for it. Part of the great fun of getting married is all the planning & dreaming!

You can always call us for advice, even if you're not using us for your wedding, we're here to help!